Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our wipes have been tested to ensure they do not cause skin irritation and are proven to be gentle on sensitive skin.

Absolutely! Feel free to use these wipes on hands, body and even face. Just avoid direct eye contact!

Yes, My Baby Wipes are nontoxic. Our wipes have been thoroughly tested and are safe for use on all healthy (unbroken) skin including hands and face.

Please click this link we encourage you to go ahead and give mybabywipes a try— if you don’t love them, simply return and we'll give you a full refund.

Diaper rash has a number of possible causes, including prolonged exposure to a wet or dirty diaper, rubbing and chafing caused by poor diaper fit, and even infections or allergic reactions. If you have any questions or concerns about diaper rash, please consult your pediatrician.

Being left in a hot car can cause wipes to dry out more quickly if the lid isn't properly sealed.

The recommended shelf life of MYBABYWIPES is 2 years.

NO, If anything our water filtration process removes chlorines

Our wipes are made of a special blend of fiber and weave to create a High traction wipe. Higher the traction on surface the better the cleaning and Lifting power.

No, the wipes aren't flushable.

Unfortunately, NO. MYBABYWIPES are manufactured using pharmaceutical-grade purified water to keep them clean and effective; adding tap or bottled water might cause discoloration, odor, or even unwanted growths on the wipes.

MYBABYWIPES never contain:

Latex: Many known national brands used latex as a binder to keep the fibers of the wipe together. MYBABYWIPES uses a technology called Hydro-entangling which uses purified water jet binding technology to entangle fibers.

Parabens: Sometimes personal care products use parabens as a preservative; MYBABYWIPES don't contain parabens because of our concerns around their effect on hormonal function and development.

Methylisothiazolinone: Also known as 'MIT', this is a preservative that is sometimes used in baby wipes, and is also sometimes used in personal care products like shampoos and lotions. It has come under some scrutiny from parents because it's classified as a sensitizer, which means it could cause contact allergies when touching skin.

Phthalates: Fragrances sometimes use phthalates; MYBABWIPES don't contain phthalates which may potential for hormone disruption.

We use only essential oil

Bronopol: Has been used as a preservative in baby wipes; MYBABYWIPES.COM doesn't include bronopol because it is considered a formaldehyde donor, meaning under certain conditions it can break down to produce formaldehyde and cause contact allergies.

Dyes: Many personal care products—such as shampoos, lotions, and cosmetics—include dyes to make the product a more attractive color. MYBABYWIPES don't contain dyes because we didn't want to include any unnecessary synthetic ingredients.

Alcohol: Cleaning wipes for the kitchen and bathroom sometimes include alcohol. You won't find alcohol in MYBABYWIPES because it can be irritating on delicate skin.

Yes. MYBABYWIPES.COM Wipes are safe for cleaning your baby's hands, feet, face, and diaper area. Baby wipes should not be used to clean inside your baby's mouth, nose, ears, or eyes.

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