Baby Wipes Are Made Of:

Parents Approved

Mybabywipes Aromatherapy Baby Wipes has been inspired by parents for their loved ones. They were developed by those who put their love and passion into products used on their own children. Using only the finest ingredients and non-novens material from around the globe to create what is probably the best baby wipe in the world.

Unlike many brands, we source our own ingredients to ensure the quality that goes into our wipes. We deliver quality through a unique combination of experience, knowledge and manufacturing process.

The blended solution is specially formulated and blended with essential oils to maximize which entails thorough process parameters such as blending speed, order of blend, and customized blending paddles. It deploys a unique system of controlling the time and blending sequence of the natural ingredients in the wipes. The blending process of natural ingredients is a crucial factor in determining the outcome of the final product and its efficacy. Many natural ingredient loose quality and potency if exposed to excessive heat or agitations during heating & blending process.